Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Best Case/Worst Case: Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets certainly are making a splash this off-season.  First, they resign Gerald Wallace for 4 years, $40 million.  Then, they trade a sack of moldy tangerines for Joe Johnson and his moldy tangerine of a contract.  After minor deals that led to the acquisitions of Reggie Evans and Euro-stud Mirza Teletovic, the Nets pulled off a coup, re-signing Deron Williams and (partially) justifying all of the insane maneuvers they've been making the past two seasons.  While they may have cost themselves a shot at Dwight Howard, the Nets will at least firmly find themselves in the playoffs in their debut season in Brooklyn.  Or will they?

To find out just how much these extravagant moves are worth in terms of wins, I've compiled the best case, worst case, and average (and probably most likely) case for this upcoming season for the Nets using The NBA Geek's Win Score statistics (the numbers listed after each player's name is his Wins Produced, which when totaled should give a rough approximation of how many games each particular incarnation of the Nets will win).  After considering how much they've mortgaged their future with the Wallace signing and Johnson trade, were these moves worth it?  Find out after the jump.

2012 NBA Draft Report Cards

These grades are based on value more than actual evaluation, since I'm not much of an evaluator.  They also are relative to the round they took place in, meaning that an A in the second round is not the same as an A in the first round.  Enjoy.

Monday, July 02, 2012

2012 Undrafted NBA Free Agent Tracker

(Updated 7/3/12)

Since it is unbelievably hard to pin down a list of undrafted free agent signings following the NBA draft, I've decided to track them myself (with an enormous hat tip to Bleacher Report, which is where I found these signings.  You can go there if you want [they even have nice write-ups of each player], but I hate slide shows, so I wrote it out in an easy-to-read list).  I will try to update this list as more signings happen, so feel free to check in often.

Atlanta Hawks: Eric Griffin, PF, Campbell

Brooklyn Nets: Ashton Gibbs, PG, Pittsburgh

Cleveland Cavaliers: Kevin Jones, PF, West Virginia; Rob Jones, F, St. Mary's

Dallas Mavericks: Drew Gordon, PF, New Mexico

Detroit Pistons: Casper Ware, PG, Long Beach State; Yancy Gates, PF/C, Cincinnati; Patrick Richard, SG, McNeese State

Golden State Warriors: Rakim Sanders, SF, Fairfield

Houston Rockets: Scott Machado, PG, Iona; Zoran Dragic, SG, Slovenia; Kyle Fogg, SG, Arizona; Jerai Grant, PF, Clemson; Eli Holman, PF/C, Detroit; Dionte Christmas, SG, Temple

Indiana Pacers: Reggie Hamilton, PG, Oakland

Los Angeles Clippers: Cameron Moore, PF, UAB

Memphis Grizzlies: Mitchell Watt, PF, Buffalo; Cameron Tatum, SG, Tennessee

Miami Heat: J'Covan Brown, PG, Texas

Milwaukee Bucks: Jordan Taylor, PG, Wisconsin; Xavier Gibson, C, Florida State

Oklahoma City Thunder: Kent Bazemore, G/F, Old Dominion

Orlando Magic: Maalik Wayns, PG, Villanova; Charlie Westbrook, SG, South Dakota; Dominique Sutton, SF, North Carolina Central

Philadelphia 76ers: Zack Rosen, PG, Pennsylvania; Chris Johnson, SF, Dayton

Phoenix Suns: Matt Gatens, SG, Iowa

Sacramento Kings: Tony Mitchell, SF, Alabama; Alex Young, SG/SF, IUPUI

20 Best Still Available:

William Mosley, PF, Northwestern State
Jesse Sanders, PG, Liberty
Ken Horton, SF, Central Connecticut
Scott Machado, PG, Iona
Chris Johnson, SF, Dayton
Ricardo Ratliffe, PF, Missouri
Wendell McKines, SF, New Mexico State
Eli Holman, PF/C, Detroit
Mike Glover, SF, Iona
Terrell Stoglin, PG, Maryland
John Shurna, SF, Northwestern
JayMychal Green, PF, Alabama
Herb Pope, PF, Seton Hall
Dusan Cantekin C, Serbia
Scoop Jardine, PG, Syracuse
Garrett Stutz, C, Wichita State
Cameron Moore, PF, UAB
Devoe Joseph, SG, Oregon
Keith Wright, PF, Harvard
Jason Clark, PG, Georgetown