Friday, January 03, 2014

Who Says No? Exploring Andrew Bynum Trade Possiblities

Someone should have told Andrew no.

Apparently, the Cavs are mulling a number of offers for Andrew Bynum (or, more accurately, the $6 million in savings he represents for the remainder of the season).  They are expected to decide which offer to accept on Monday, and while I'm sure the deal is going to be much worse than anything I can dream up, I figured I'd try anyway.  Welcome to the first edition of Who Says No? where I go around the league peddling deals to every other franchise and gauge who would reject each respective offer.  And, yes, you're right, I really do need to go back to work.

1. Cavs Receive Paul Millsap from Atlanta in exchange for Bynum

Who Says No?  Atlanta.  Andrew Bynum in his Lakers prime would be an ideal fit next to Al Horford, and even without the injured Horford, Bynum's post game would be a nice complement to the shooters on Atlanta's perimeter.  Given Bynum's current state, this would be a complete salary dump for Atlanta.  Millsap is actually worth the money, though.  The problem with Atlanta's roster is that there isn't really any bad money to dump.  Millsap also doesn't really fit on the Cavs, which could lead to a third team becoming involved...

1a. Cavs Receive Omer Asik, Houston receives Millsap, Atlanta receives Bynum

Who Says No?  Probably still Atlanta, and most likely Houston.  Atlanta still doesn't receive any basketball value for Millsap, while Daryl Morey has made it clear that he needs a player and a draft pick for the sad Turk.  If this actually did happen, an Asik/Varejeao front line would probably be ugly.

2. Cavs Receive Gerald Wallace from Boston in exchange for Bynum

Who Says No? Cleveland.  Gerald Wallace is awful, and he has 2 years left on his deal after this season.  I'm not even sure a 1st round pick from Boston could help get this deal done.

3. Cavs Receive Jason Terry, Andrei Kirilenko, & Mriza Teletovic from Brooklyn in exchange for Bynum

Who Says No? Cleveland.  All three players have another year on their deals, and only Kirilenko is of any use.  Brooklyn needs a deal like this to try to start clearing some money off their books.  Perhaps the Cavs could parlay him into something else...

3a. Cavs Receive Tayshaun Prince, Memphis's 2014 1st Round pick, Terry & Teletovic, Brooklyn receives Andrew Bynum, Memphis receives Andrei Kirilenko

Who Says No? Probably still Cleveland.  While the first round pick is nice, Prince, Terry, & Teletovic represent $16 million in essentially dead money.  That's hefty price for a mid-tier draft pick, even in a stacked draft.

4. Cavs Receive Ben Gordon from Charlotte in exchange for Bynum

Who Says No? Cleveland.  Both players are worthless, but Gordon will cost $6 million more for the remainder of the season.  If Charlotte sweetened the pot by dangling a pick, though, Dan Gilbert has proven he's willing to eat money to get more draft assets (see: Walton, Luke; Davis, Baron).

5. Cavs Receive Carlos Boozer from Chicago in exchange for Bynum

Who Says No? Chicago.  Although the Bulls are likely going to amnesty Boozer following the season (and could save themselves around $22 million by swinging this deal), they are still competing for a playoff spot.  Boozer may not be worth what he's paid, but he's a perfectly serviceable NBA power forward.  The one year and $15 million left on his deal would probably give the Cavs pause, too.

6. Cavs Receive Charlie Villanueva from Detroit in exchange for Bynum

Who Says No? Cleveland.  Villanueva has only played in 9 games this season (averaging only 8.8 minutes per game), so losing him really doesn't effect the Pistons' rotation.  This trade would save Detroit about $2 million, while Cleveland would at least get something for Bynum (I guess).  This is exactly the kind of deal I expect to be announced Monday, which makes me wonder if Cleveland wouldn't just be better off releasing Bynum.

7. Cavs Receive Shawn Marion from Dallas in exchange for Bynum

Who Says No? Dallas.  Just as Atlanta doesn't really have any awful contracts to dump, neither does Dallas.  This deal would save them about $4.5 million, which isn't really worth jeopardizing one of the few remaining chances Dirk has of getting back into the playoffs.  I would love this deal for the Cavs, even if Marion would almost assuredly leave after the season.  He could work with Carrick Felix on becoming a Matrix-type player (which Felix is a very, VERY poor-man's version of), and he could hopefully help the Cavs get into the playoffs while trying to up his value for one last payday.

8. Cavs Receive Wilson Chandler & Andre Miller from Denver in exchange for Bynum

Who Says No? Cleveland.  Following his recent suspension, Miller WILL be traded soon, and Chandler has 2 years at over $6 million per left after this season (the remainder of a 5-year $31.7 million deal, one of the few mistakes Masai Ujiri made during his time in Denver).  Chandler would be the best small forward on Clevleand's roster, but the 2 year commitment eats into their future cap space.  Also, Miller is kind of redundant with Jarrett Jack already backing up Kyrie Irving.  Maybe...

8a. Cavs Receive Wilson Chandler, Denver Receive Pau Gasol, & LA Lakers Receive Andrew Bynum, JJ Hickson, & Andre Miller

Who Says No? LA.  While this trade gives them frontline depth to help fill Gasol's void (Hickson), a more-than-adequate backcourt body to fill in for their pile of injured guards (Miller), and luxury tax relief (after releasing Bynum, this trade saves the Lakers about $9 million), the Lakers expect more back for their borderline Hall-of-Fame big man.  The Cavs still have to deal with the remaining years on Chandler's contract, so they probably wouldn't be thrilled, either.  (The Nuggets would obviously be ecstatic.)

9. Cavs Receive David Lee from Golden State for Bynum

Who Says No? Golden State.  There is absolutely no reason the Warrior would make any deal for Bynum.

10. Cavs Receive Danny Granger from Indiana for Bynum

Who Says No? Indiana, although they'd have to think hard about it.  Granger has only played 6 games this year, and it is clearly evident that he is completely inessential to the Pacers' continued success.  The only reason Indiana says no to this deal is if they believe they can get a better return for Granger than $6 million in savings.  I'm not sure they can, and to me this deal makes the most sense of any I've listed thus far.

11. Cavs Receive Jared Dudley, Jamal Crawford, & a poo-poo platter from LA Clippers for Andrew Bynum

Who Says No? LA.  There is no reason for them to do any Bynum deal.

12. Cavs Receive Udonis Haslem, Joel Anthony, James Jones, & Rashard Lewis from Miami for Bynum

Who Says No? Miami.  While the Cavs would get a real turd sandwich back, the Heat can just wait for the Bynum to be released and sign him if they really want him.  He would be perfect for 8-12 minutes off of their bench, and could be a crucial asset against Roy Hibbert in the playoffs.  Regardless of where Bynum is traded, Miami is where I predict he winds up playing the remainder of the season.

13. Cavs Receive O.J. Mayo & Zaza Pachulia from Milwaukee for Bynum

Who Says No? Cleveland.  While Mayo would be an upgrade on the wing for Cavs, he and Pachulia are owed a combined $13.5 million a year over the next two seasons.  That's a pretty hefty price for two barely average players.

14. Cavs Receive Corey Brewer, Alexey Shved, & Shabazz Muhammed from Minnesota for Bynum

Who Says No? Cleveland.  While Muhammed may become something down the line, all three of these guys have deals extending beyond this off-season, and none of them deserve to be part of the Cavs' plans at this time.  Minnesota probably has no reason to say yes, either.

15. Cavs Receive Eric Gordon from New Orleans for Bynum

Who Says No? New Orleans.  This deal would save the Pelicans over $35 million over the next 2-plus seasons, but Gordon probably has more value than just Bynum (even if he doesn't really deserve it).

16. Cavs Receive Amare Stoudamire from New York for Bynum and Jarrett Jack

Who Says No? Cleveland.  Stoudamire is likely to be $21 million of dead money next year.  No thanks.

17. Cavs Receive Kendrick Perkins and Hasheem Thabeet from Oklahoma City for Bynum

Who Says No? Cleveland.  Perkins and Thabeet are borderline useless to the Cavs, and combined are owed $9.9 million next year.  If the Thunder threw in a first round pick, perhaps this would be a different story.

18. Cavs Receive Big Baby Davis & Jason Maxiell from Orlando for Bynum

Who Says No? Cleveland.  There's absolutely no reason the Cavs would take on Davis & Maxiell unless the Magic threw in a first-rounder, which isn't happening.

19. Cavs Receive Jason Richardson from Philadelphia for Bynum

Who Says No? Cleveland.  Philly would make out like bandits on this deal, escaping with a total of $12 million savings.

20. Cavs Receive Emeka Okefor from Phoenix for Bynum

Who Says No? Cleveland.  Okefor hasn't played at all this year due to a herniated disk in his neck.  This deal would cost the Cavs about $7 million this year.

21. Cavs Receive Myers Leonard, Thomas Robinson, Willie Barton, Victor Claver, & Earl Watson from Portland for Bynum

Who Says No?  Portland.  There's no reason for them to disrupt some of the best chemistry in the NBA.  The return for the Cavs has enough intriguing young pieces (Leonard, Robinson, & Barton) to make this deal worthwhile for them.

22. Cavs Receive Carl Landry and Travis Outlaw from Sacramento for Bynum

Who Says No? Cleveland.  While Landry is a solid player (though he hasn't played this year), he has three years left on his deal.  Outlaw is one of the worst players in the NBA.

23. There Are No Plausible Deals with San Antonio.

Kudos yet again to the Spurs front office.

24. Cavs receive DeMar DeRozan from Toronto for Bynum

Who Says No? Cleveland (I hope).  Masai Ujiri would say yes to this in a heartbeat.  It clears the 3 years left on DeRozan's deal off the books and would complete his overhaul of the Raptors (in about six months, which is astounding).  This is the type of deal I fear the Cavs are mulling.

25. Cavs Receive Richard Jefferson from Utah for Bynum

Who Says No? Cleveland.  While Jefferson would provide veteran leadership and a warm body to fill in at the 3, the Cavs would lose over $5 million on this deal.  Unless the Jazz sweeten the pot with a pick, I don't see this happening.

26. Cavs Receive Jan Vessely, Kevin Seraphin, Trevor Booker, Chris Singleton, & Glenn Rice, Jr. from Washington for Bynum

Who Says No? Washington.  While this deal saves them over $4 million in exchange for essentially roster fodder, most of these guys are still young enough to believe that they might still develop into something.  This is the best kind of deal the Cavs can hope for (unfortunately): a grab bag of unfulfilled potential with no commitment beyond this season.



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