Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Who the hell are Boys Like Girls and why are they the fourth most played song I own? 2006 Top 25 Songs

The first in a series of year-in-review posts, today's post looks at the top 25 most played songs in my iTunes library for the year 2006. Well, not of the year, since I reset my library on November 4, but it’s probably better that way since my previous top 25 had all Panic at the Disco at the top, by a landslide (we’re talking almost 60 more plays than any other song), since I passed out drunk one night with the album on repeat and forgot about it until 2 or 3 days later. Anyways, without further ado, here they are!

1. Dropkick Murphy’s—“I’m Shipping Up To Boston”

Only because it is on The Departed soundtrack and I like to listen to it and pretend that I’m undercover and on my way to the docks for a big arms deal.

2. Weezer—“Only In Dreams”

Kind of a fluke that it’s number 2, but deserving, as it is probably my second favorite Weezer song (with “Say It Ain’t So” being number one).

3. AFI—“The Killing Light”

A good enough song, but I’m pretty sure the only thing I really, really like about it is the “OH!” the lead singer yelps at the beginning (which he seems to do in every other AFI song, which would mean that I like every other AFI song, which sounds exactly right). (Note: This obviously isn't the video for this song, but you can at least here it and it actually looks pretty cool.)

4. Boys Like Girls—“Hells Over Head”

A result of shuffle: I didn’t even know what this song sounded like until I played it so I could write about it. Now that I’ve heard it, I’m embarrassed that it’s my number 4 most played song. These guys sound like a pussified version of All-American Rejects, and those guys are huge pussies.

5. Carpark North—“Best Day”

Great song. Sounds like one of those gay 80s songs that you listen to while you put your dick between your legs and pretend you’re Jame Gum from Silence of the Lambs.

6. Cold War Kids—“Saint John”

Currently my favorite song. This is the first of five songs by these guys in the Top 25. I only hope that their luster doesn’t wear off like the Raconteurs did (and boy, am I fucking sick of the Raconteurs).

7. Cursive—“Dorothy Dreams of Tornadoes”

Another recent fave of mine. These guys are kind of ska-ish, but just when it’s about to become obnoxious, they tone the horns and other bullshit way down and just make good rock music. I’m definitely digging Cursive.

8. Fall Out Boy—“Dance, Dance”

The only song to be in both the pre- and post-reset Top 25.

9. Alien Ant Farm—“Forgive & Forget”

Alien Ant Farm is weird in that all of their songs sound the same, and most of their songs annoy me, but three or four of them I can listen to at anytime in anyplace. This is one of the latter.

Alien Ant Farm - Forgive & Forget

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10. Bloodhound Gang—“Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss”

You’re not going to find a song with more phallic references than this. “Watch my banana split go straight to your thighs.” Oh my, the innuendo!

11. Cold War Kids--“Hang Me Up To Dry”

Hang me up to dry

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12. Cold War Kids—“Red Wine, Success!”

Believe me, you need to give the Cold War Kids a listen.

13. Cute Is What We Aim For—“There’s A Class For This”

Sometimes I think I’m a thirteen year-old girl, because I am a sucker for catchy pop punk songs.

14. Fall Out Boy—“Of All The Gin Joints In All The Towns”

The first thing that drew me to Fall Out Boy was the insane titles of the songs. At first, I was hoping that this song would actually be about Casablanca. Alas, it instead has something to do with a girl and how she doesn’t like the lead singer, just like every other Fall Out Boy song.

15. The Killers—“Enterlude”

I don’t know what it says about a record when my two favorite tracks off of it are the intro and the outro.

16. The Kooks—“Ooh La”

A decent song to chill out to, but nothing spectacular.

17. Lupe Fiasco—“Kick, Push”

Probably my favorite rap song of the year. Who ever though they’d see the day when a legitimate MC rapped about skateboarding?

18. Black Keys—“10 AM Automatic”

These guys are from Akron, and I’ve heard about them since forever ago, but I’d never heard them until this year. I dig the shit out of them, but if you’re gonna buy one of their albums, just buy one since every song sounds exactly like this.

19. Clipse—“Keys Open Doors”

20. Clipse—“Ain’t Cha featuring The Re-Up Gang”
A late addition to the year’s musical offerings, but the Clipse’s “Hell Hath No Fury” sounds like the best rap album of the year.

21. Braund Reynolds—“Rocket (A Natural Gambler)”

A stupid ass club song that just gets my feet movin’!

22. Coheed and Cambria—“Devil In New Jersey”

I drank way more than any person should for almost a year straight, and the result is that I really liked Coheed and Cambria for awhile. In hindsight, I have to wonder why.

23. Cold War Kids—“Tell Me In The Morning”

24. Cold War Kids—“Hair Down”

25. Daft Punk—“One More Time”

The classic French robot club groove.

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