Monday, November 30, 2009

THE Solution to NFL Overtime

While I was watching the Ravens beat the Steelers in overtime, I had to explain to my girlfriend the rules of overtime in the NFL.  She correctly called them stupid.  While I was then explaining to her the way overtime is handled in college and how it is equally as stupid, it hit me that the resolution to the NFL overtime debate rests somewhere in between these two stupid systems.

What is the most exciting part of an NFL game?  The final 2 minutes, when the offense is running a no-huddle and time is at a premium.  So in order to provide the most exciting finish possible to a game, and give each team a chance to score (while also making them earn that score), I suggest you give each team alternating possessions starting at their own 20-yard line.  The offense would then have only 2 minutes to score, and on each possession would be given one timeout.  (The defense would be given a timeout, as well.)  The game ends when either the second team fails to match the first team's score, the defense returns a turnover for a score, or the second team scores after the first team fails to score.  If the defense forces a turnover but does not score, the offense takes over at the spot of the resulting play following the turnover (unless the spot is within their own 20-yard line, in which case the offense would start at the 20).  Punts are not allowed; if an offense is stopped on four downs, the opposing offense starts at their own 35-yard line.  Field goals are allowed, but in the case of a missed field goal, the opposing offense starts at the 35 (unless the spot of the field goal attempt is further down field, in which case the offense takes over there).

Admit it.  This is the greatest idea you've heard all weekend.  Now enjoy being pissed with me that it isn't (and probably never will be) a reality.

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