Thursday, September 17, 2009

College Football Picks 9/17/09: MATTYWILL EDITION

My homey Matt has been reading this stupid blog since I started doing it, so when he wants to participate, I'm all for it.  The following are his picks for this weekend's AP Top 25 games, as well as my picks for comparison's sake.  Either way, you will end up rich.

Tennessee (+29.5) at #1 Florida
MattyWill's Pick: Tennessee (29.5) Come on, Florida hasn't played anyone. I am buyin' into the Meyer hype of running up the score but come on.  Tennessee will lose by 27pts!  Easy pick.
My Pick: Florida

Texas Tech (+17.5) at #2 Texas
MattyWill's Pick: Texas Tech (17.5) I can see Texas coming out of the gate strong but fatiguing mid 3rd quarter.  Texas Tech scores a lot of points and stays within the 17.5!!
My Pick: Texas

Washington (+20) at #3 USC
MattyWill's Pick: USC (-20)  Washington is on a roll and it's in Washington....hmmmmm.
My Pick: USC

North Texas (+38) at #4 Alabama
MattyWill's Pick: North Texas (38) Come on 'Bama does not beat NT by 38.  Are you kidding me?  The tide rolls but loses the cover in garbage time.  Go North Texas.
My Pick: Alabama

Temple (+30) at #5 Penn State
MattyWill's Pick: Penn State (-30) Penn State is 5-1 against the spread all-time vs. Temple.  Temple had 16 yards rushing last time they played, so Penn St rolls 38-3!
My Pick: Penn State

Florida State (+7.5) at #7 BYU
MattyWill's Pick: BYU (-7.5) I wish it was 6.5 but BYU finds away to make me money.  It's in BYU, I can see "Well we were looking past Jackson St" but come on that shitty performance last week will make you realize that you are still not the FSU team of the 90's. Sorry Bob!
My Pick: Florida State

#8 California (-14) at Minnesota
MattyWill's Pick: Cal (-14) Just like the Cdog said Cal is rolling.
My Pick: California

Louisiana-Lafayette (+26.5) at #9 LSU
MattyWill's Pick: Louisiana-Lafayette (+26.5) LOCK it up, No Brainer here, This Lafayette team is for real!
My Pick: Louisiana-Lafayette

#10 Boise State (-7) at Fresno State
MattyWill's Pick: Boise State (-7) Just playing the numbers, Boise is 7-1 against the spread vs Fresno and I see that going to 8-1. I just dont see FS slowing these dudes down.
My Pick: Boise State

Toledo (+20.5) vs. #11 Ohio State (at Cleveland Browns Stadium)
MattyWill's Pick: Toledo (+20.5) Thank god this game isn't in Toledo!  I see a 27-17 win and OSU slips in the polls again.
My Pick: Toledo

Tulsa (+16.5) at #12 Oklahoma
MattyWill's Pick: Tulsa (+16.5)  Tulsa can score and I love that they are already getting a huge number. Yes it's OK, but come on give me the points baby!! Tulsa will give OK a huge scare!!
My Pick: Oklahoma

#19 Nebraska (+5) at #13 Virginia Tech
MattyWill's Pick: Virginia Tech (-5)  Is this a night game and on tv? If it was that would be great hearing Enter Sandman in Blacksburg under the lights.
My Pick: Virginia Tech

#14 Georgia Tech (+5) at #20 Miami
MattyWill's Pick: Miami (-5)  I think Miami is heading in the right direction. Watching them play FSU the other night gave us a glimpse of the old Miami (Tons of SPEEEEED).  With it being in Miami I take the Hurricanes by 6-7pts.
My Pick: Georgia Tech

Rice (+32.5) at #16 Oklahoma State
MattyWill's Pick: OK State (-32.5)  A lot of scoring going on and OK State doing the majority of it!
My Pick: Rice

#17 Cincinnati (-1) at Oregon State
MattyWill's Pick: Cincinasty (-1) Dont like them playing away but I am riding them till the wheels fall off!!!
My Pick: Oregon State

#18 Utah (+4.5) at Oregon
 MattyWill's Pick: Utah (+4.5)  This game took me forever to pick. I wish I had one of those computer systems like I used for the Mizzou/Baylor game!
My Pick: Utah

Duke (+22.5) at #22 Kansas
MattyWill's Pick: Kansas (-22.5) I see Kansas scoring tons of points but I also see Thaddeus Lewis making a Heisman statement.  Tough pick.
My Pick: Kansas

#23 Georgia (+1.5) at Arkansas
MattyWill's Pick: Arkansas (-1.5)  I see a 10-7 game or a 38-31 game! Who's with me?
My Pick: Arkansas

East Carolina (+7.5) at #24 North Carolina
MattyWill's Pick: East Carolina (+7.5) I seen that game [UNC-UConn] and it was awful.  I'm with ya on that one.
My Pick: East Carolina

Eastern Michigan (+24) at #25 Michigan
MattyWill's Pick: Michigan (-24) I want to see UM score 40+ pt... 45-0....Is it possible in the BIG Ten?
My Pick: Michigan

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