Thursday, September 24, 2009

College Football Picks 9/24/2009: MattyWill Edition

MattyWill is back to make his picks this week, and I was hoping that he may have helped you a out a little bit better than I did last week, but unfortunately he went 7-12-1, same as me.  So as of right now, the season stands in a bitter, ugly, 0-0-1 tie between the two of us.  Let's hope for some improvement this week.

#1 Florida (-21.5) at Kentucky
MattyWill's pick: Kentucky (+21.5)  UPSET Alert!! haha
My Pick: Florida

UTEP (+34.5) at #2 Texas
MattyWill's pick: UTEP (+34.5)
My Pick: Texas

Arkansas (+15.5) at #3 Alabama
MattyWill's pick: Arkansas (+15.5) Have to take the points even though 'Bama can easily pull away in this game!
My Pick: Arkansas

#4 Ole Miss (-3) at South Carolina
MattyWill's pick: Ole Miss (-3)
My Pick: South Carolina

Iowa (+10) at #5 Penn State
MattyWill's pick: Penn State (-10) Would love to see this line drop below the 10 spot.
My Pick: Iowa

#6 California (-6) at Oregon
MattyWill's pick: Cal (-6) Love this pick, CAL is for real people, I am on the wagon Cdog!
My Pick: Oregon

#7 LSU (-13) at Mississippi State
MattyWill's pick: MISS ST (+13) I see this being a close game so I have to take the points!
My Pick: LSU

#8 Boise State (-17) at Bowling Green
MattyWill's pick: Boise St (-17)  I seen highlights of the Boise/Fresno game, No defense!! but I believe D shows up for Boise and comes up with a huge win.  LOCK it up!!!!
My Pick: Boise State

#9 Miami (-2.5) at #11 Virginia Tech
MattyWill's pick: Miami (-2.5) I see a 3point game and I see Miami winning by those 3points.
My Pick: Virginia Tech

Washington State (+44) at #12 USC
MattyWill's pick: Washington State (+44) Love waking up with 44points especially playing a USC team that is lost!
My Pick: Washington State

Illinois (+14.5) at #13 Ohio State
MattyWill's pick: OHIO ST (-14.5)  Ohio State better beat these guys up and down the field all night long.  Can Tressel and the Buckeyes really keep this close all night long? Open that offense up, let Pryor use his legs and arm.  Make a damn statement Tressel will you?
My Pick: Illinois

Fresno State (+16.5) at #14 Cincinnati
MattyWill's pick: CinciNASTY (-16.5) I am rolling with them again this week.  They haven't let me down!  Canaan seriously I almost put my grams house on this spread....Check your +++++16.5 wow I had instant blood flow! (Ed.'s note: the spread on this game has been corrected.)
My Pick: Cincinnati

#15 TCU (+3) at Clemson
MattyWill's pick: TCU (+3) Taking the points.
My Pick: Clemson

Texas Tech (+1) at #17 Houston
MattyWill's pick: Houston (-1)  who the heck knows about this game.  I'm seeing a 63-60 game like you guys but come on 14-10 game will be bad ass!
My Pick: Texas Tech

South Florida (+18) at #18 Florida State
 MattyWill's pick: Florida State (-18) Have to run with the seminoles after that ass-whoopin they gave BYU in BYU.
My Pick: Florida State

Colorado State (+15) at #19 BYU
MattyWill's pick: BYU (-15) I look for BYU to come out scoring 679 points this week. What an embarrassing loss last week and I'm still wondering what Frank Patron seen in that game?
My Pick: BYU

Southern Miss (+13.5) at #20 Kansas
MattyWill's pick: Kansas (-13.5) Kansas wins by 14 or more!
My Pick: Southern Miss

Arizona State (+12.5) at #21 Georgia
MattyWill's pick: Georgia (-12.5) I like the dogs by two touchdowns.
My Pick: Georgia

#22 North Carolina (+2.5) at Georgia Tech
MattyWill's pick: Georgia Tech (-2.5) Please knock off these Tar Heels.  They are annoying.
My Pick: Georgia Tech

Indiana (+21) at #23 Michigan
MattyWill's pick: Michigan (-21) If Rich Rod and Mich are back then they should be able to beat Indiana by 24+!
My Pick: Michigan

#24 Washington (+7) at Stanford
MattyWill's pick: Stanford (-7) I like Stanford a lot, wishing the spread was different.  Can Washington be calm, cool, and collective after that beating of USC???
My  Pick: Washington

Louisiana-Lafayette (+26.5) at #25 Nebraska
MattyWill's pick: Nebraska (-26.5) Nebraska 42-17. How can you make this your lock of the week when you have the "predicted Line" at 17.5 and you are off by 9 points?, I can see if the line came out -8.5. hmmmm yeah baby yeah!  (Ed.'s Note: I don't know if MattyWill realizes it or not, but his predicted score for this game only has the 'Huskers winning by 25.  I hope he doesn't bet on this game.)
My Pick: Nebraska

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