Monday, September 28, 2009

WTF Brady Quinn?

Did anyone else find it strange that in the second quarter of the Browns' 34-3 defeat at the hands of the Ravens, right after Jerome Harrison broke a 17-yard run to the Baltimore 48, Brady Quinn rushed everyone to the line for a first down-and-ten-yards-to-go QB sneak up the middle?  I turned the game off at that point (yes, out of disgust, but also because my girlfriend's grandparents had just arrived for lunch and I didn't want to swear and bite my hat in front of them), and when I saw later that Quinn was pulled for Derek Anderson, I assumed it had to be immediately after that play call (unfortunately not, however, as Quinn was allowed to finish the first half).  I just can't imagine any scenario in which that play makes sense.  And why didn't the other players stop him or call timeout if that's what he was calling out?  Maybe he just got scared or something and as soon as the ball was snapped he jumped forward.  Regardless, it made me laugh out loud, and is definitely the highlight of what has been a truly magical Browns season.  (Can they just fire Mangini now and save us the 3 years of disappointment?) 


  1. I blame Mangini. I think he's a cancer who will bring the Browns close to Detroit Lions level. You know my use for him was over when he was hiding the identity of the starting QB from the team.

    As for Quinn, don't give up hope yet. He's a talented guy who's seen limited action. I wouldn't be surprised if Mangini told him to go no huddle for a QB sneak. It sounds like the sort of idiotic thing he'd call for.

    BTW - I'm going to come out to you about this - I thin Cribbs needs a shot as starting QB. Both Quinn and Anderson are good passing QBs. Quinn can also pilot a run n gun, West Coast style really well. But neither are running threats. The Browns receiving corps is a joke. So, instead of trying to force balls in to Braylon Edwards, or having their broken running backs run it up the middle all day, I think they should give Cribbs a shot. Have him run, lateral, and pass his way to some W's like he was back in Kent State. It couldn't hurt....

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  3. As a fellow Northeast Ohio sports fan, I enjoy your blog. I will email the link to some friends and hopefully get you some more regular visitors. I, for one, will check back somewhat regularly. And screw the Mangenius.

  4. Thanks mekalek. Glad you enjoy it.