Thursday, February 10, 2011

26 And Counting: Shuffling Furniture On The Deck of the Titantic

Well, the Cavs lost again, this time in humiliating fashion to the Detroit Pistons.  So why not celebrate with a trade with those very Pistons?

Trade #1

Cavs get:
Richard Hamilton
Charlie Villanueva
Ben Gordon
Jason Maxiell
Detroit's 2011 2nd Round Pick

Pistons get:
Antawn Jamison
Mo Williams
Anthony Parker

This trade does nothing for the Cavs, as they will just end up a worse version of an already terrible Detroit team.  What this trade would accomplish, though, is getting rid of the veteran "leaders" allowing this season to happen.  The Cavs are a broken bunch, and when the players start openly mailing games in, it's time to dismantle the roster at any cost.

The Pistons also wouldn't be much better after this deal, but at least they shorten their salary obligations (Hamilton, Villanueva, and Gordon are all signed for 2 more years, while Jamison and Williams expire after next season and Parker comes off the books this summer).  Plus, the LeBron trade exception allows the Pistons to dump an additional $12.5 million in salary on the Cavs lap.  Also, Williams may be able to regain his "All-Star" form of two seasons ago once again running John Kuester's offense.

Projected Cavs Lineup
PG Ramon Sessions
SG Rip Hamilton
SF Christian Eyenga
PF Charlie Villanueva
C J.J. Hickson
G Ben Gordon
G Boobie Gibson
C Ryan Hollins

Yuck.  Honestly, this trade idea is a knee-jerk reaction to perhaps the Cavs' worst loss of the season.  Unfortunately, I have a feeling it's the type of deal the Dan Gilbert is going to have to swallow if he ever wants to unload any of the veteran "assets" currently on the Cavs' roster.

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