Monday, February 14, 2011

One and Counting: That was fun while it lasted

Yikes.  If there has been a play that serves as a microcosm of the nightmare that is the 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers' season, it has to be John Wall's coast-to-coast layup with 4 seconds left at the end of the first half of the Cavs' 115-100 loss to the Washington Wizards Sunday night.  Wall's score came after a monstrous Christian Eyenga jam (whom some pals and I watched a minor league hockey game "with" one luxury suite over at the Q on Saturday night, and who by all indications does not understand the sport of hockey) that seemed to build some momentum for the hometown Cavs heading into the locker room.  And then Wall waltzed down the court to the opposite hoop, and the game was over, Eyenga's slam all but forgotten.  It was like Friday's exhilarating win over the Clippers (Eyenga's dunk) followed by Sunday's pathetic showing against the Wizards (Wall's layup) compressed into a 5-second sequence.  What a turd sandwich.

One other quick note on this game before my obligatory trade idea comes courtesy of my good friend and Anonymous commenter on this site (or sight), Chad.  Apparently, Fred McCleod and Austin Carr had an exchange for the ages.  As Chad recounts through text message:

McCleod: AC, what does pressure do?
AC: Pressure burst the pipe heeh heeh heeh!    

Fantastic.  Now, onto the trade!

The Turd Sandwich

Cavs get:
Rashard Lewis
Jarrett Jack
Trevor Ariza

Wizards get:
Jamario Moon
Ryan Hollins

Hornets get:
Martell Webster
Mo Williams
$3 million from Cavs

Timberwolves get:
Boobie Gibson
Hornets 2nd Round Pick

This trade makes little sense for anyone except the Wizards, really ,but let's explore it anyway.  The Wizards, of course, shed the final 3-year, roughly $37.4 million guaranteed commitment to Lewis (a commitment that could potentially balloon to around $50 million), which would be quite a coup.  The fact that Moon and Hollins will probably contribute very little beyond their expiring contracts is immaterial.  The Hornets would trade Ariza's 3 years at $6.3 million per season for Webster's 3 years at $4.8 million per for similar if not better production from the latter (Webster, 12.35 PER; Ariza, 10.81), while using the $3 million in cash to offset Williams's higher salary (committed over one less year) being swapped for Jack's.  My logic behind the Timberwolves involvement is that David Kahn frequently acts illogically.

As for the Cavs, their projected rotation would look like this:

PG Ramon Sessions
SG Anthony Parker
SF Trevor Ariza
PF Antawn Jamison
C J.J. Hickson
G Jarrett Jack
F Rashard Lewis
F Christian Eyenga

If every player on this team performed at their peak volume, they could make the playoffs.  Unfortunately, Lewis appears to be useless without his HGH, Jack has been in decline for a few seasons now, and Ariza has really struggled outside of Los Angeles.  Plus, the salary commitments would be awfully steep (an addition of a potential $79 million over the next 3 seasons, with the possibility of a 4th season of Ariza at $7.7 M) for a team that would probably peak out at 45 wins and a first round exit.  Thus, Turd Sandwich.

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