Saturday, February 12, 2011

One and counting: Let's celebrate!

By now, you should know how we like to celebrate here at Diminishing Skills.  That's right, trade ideas!  In honor of the Cavs' first win in over 50 days, I've decided to forgo the usual boring old salary dumps and instead present a couple of fantasy trades.  The first is my fantasy (well, one of my fantasies), while the other is based on Dan Gilbert's wet dream that this crazy win over the Clippers will propel his beloved Cavaliers back into playoff contention (they're only 15 games back!).  Enjoy.

My Fantasy

Cavs get:
Blake Griffin
Eric Gordon
Derrick Rose
Nicolas Batum
DeAndre Jordan
Brian Scalabrine

Clippers get:
Antawn Jamison

Bulls get:
Andre Miller

Blazers get:
Mo Williams

Projected Cavs Lineup

PG Derrick Rose
SG Eric Gordon
SF Nicolas Batum
PF Blake Griffin
C DeAndre Jordan
G Ramon Sessions
F/C J.J. Hickson
G Boobie Gibson
GOOFY WHITE GUY Brian Scalabrine

Sure, it would be nice to have that starting lineup, but the real value in the trade is filling our gaping Goofy White Guy hole left by Big Z's departure with the goofiest, whitest guy there is.

Dan Gilbert's Dream (and My Nightmare)

Cavs get:
Gerald Wallace
Rip Hamilton
Elton Brand

Bobcats get:
Mo Williams

Pistons get:
Antawn Jamison

Philadephia gets:
Miami's 2013 1st round pick (via Cleveland)
Cleveland's 2015 1st round pick

Projected Cavs Lineup

PG Ramon Sessions
SG Rip Hamilton
SF Gerald Wallace
PF Elton Brand
C J.J. Hickson
G Boobie Gibson
F Christian Eyanga
C Ryan Hollins

This certainly would make the Cavs more competitive, but to what end?  To lose in the first round of the playoffs for a couple of years?  Yuck.  From everything that comes out about who the Cavs are targeting, though, this seems like the kind of deal Gilbert is after.  You're chasing ghosts, Dan.  Time to wake up and smell the Alonzo Gees.


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