Thursday, September 01, 2011

College Football Picks 9/1/11: GET PUMPED Edition Pt. 1

(Note: make sure SafeSearch is on before Google Image searching "pumped."  You will see things you cannot unsee otherwise.)

College football is finally here, and I know you missed my spot-on picks last season, so I'm back to fill that gaping hole in your life.  This year, instead of picking the AP Top 25, I'm going to switch things around and pick games involving the Diminishing Skills Top 25 (which should be up tomorrow for your greedy little eyes to IGNORE you ungrateful bastards) and the bottom 10 teams in the Diminishing Skills 120.  As soon as the WHAM rankings are out, I will begin picking the top 25 and bottom 10 of those.  The odds are Auburn-hater Dan Sheridan's, the home team is in CAPS, and these picks are righter than a 90 degree angle.

Kentucky (-18) over #119 WESTERN KENTUCKY
These two have only met twice since the Hilltoppers moved up to the FBS, with the Wildcats winning 63-28 last year and 41-3 in 2008.

#20 WISCONSIN (-35) over #115 UNLV
I was tempted to take UNLV considering they only lost by 20 in Madison last year, but the Badgers developed a nasty habit of running up the score last season (just ask Northwestern or Indiana), so I could see this being very ugly.

Mississippi State (-31) over #116 MEMPHIS
Yes, Memphis is home, and, no, I don't think Mississippi State is as good as everyone thinks they are, but Memphis really is that bad.

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