Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Night Football 9-25-06

I'm not doing another log. How many more jokes can I make about Michael Irvin being retarded?
Instead, just a quick pick. Everything about me says the Falcons should just run all over the Saints. Sure, New Orleans is 2-0, but they've beat the Browns and the Packers, and they almost blew the game against a Browns team whose entire offense was Charlie Frye running around for his life and winging it down field to Kellen Winslow. But all logic goes out the window in the first game in a city that was utterly destroyed one year ago. If this were any other game, Atlanta wins by more than 2 touchdowns. Circumstances being what they are, however, the Falcons win on a last-second field goal kicked by none other than New Orleans fave, Morten Andersen, and everyone goes home happy.

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