Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Night Football: Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints

A few quick thoughts on the first half of the Monday Night Football game…

• Isn’t it strange that New Orleans is welcoming back the Saints since we all know it’s the Saints’ fault that Hurricane Katrina kicked as much ass as it did? Think about it. In 2000, the Saints fired Mike Ditka, and, as we all know, if Ditka fights a hurricane, Ditka wins (unless the hurricane’s name is Ditka).
• Leave it to ESPN to make me actually cheer against the Saints with their sappy coverage of New Orleans and the devastation the city has seen. Thank God they’ve kept their 9/11 coverage low-key and to a minimum.
• Why the hell is the Packers/Eagles game on Monday night?
• Alge Crumpler just dropped two relatively easy touchdown passes. Did Ryan Hamby cover himself in shoe polish and steal Crumpler’s jersey?
• With about 4 minutes left in the first quarter, Reggie Bush ran a counter, danced in the hole, and got dropped for a 3 yard loss. On the next play, Bush ran a draw, hit the hole hard, and picked up 5 yards. It is rare to see a rookie make such quick adjustments, and serves as further proof that Bush is going to be a hell of a player very soon.
• Devery Henderson just scored on a double reverse. There’s one of Sean Payton’s infamous, and I mean no offense to anyone, Jap plays in action.
• New Orleans punter Steve Weatherford has more tattoos than every other punter in NFL history combined, not including Chris Gardocki, of course, who has a slash tattooed on his back for every punt he has that doesn’t get blocked (the count is making its way around his taint and should have his banana and nuts covered by the end of the season).
• Warrick Dunn is 22 on the NFL’s all-time rushing yards list. That is astounding. With the advances in medical technology, the lengthening of the schedule, and the fact that players don’t have to work in the off-season (as they did up until the 70s) and can concentrate on training, I predict that in 20 years the top 25 all-time rushers will have all played after 1990.
• Interesting how Mike Tirico had to throw ABC in when listing the news networks that carried Katrina coverage (CNN and Fox News were the other two). Do you really think that ABC was people’s third choice or do you think the bosses at Disney (which owns both ABC and ESPN) made sure Tirico included ABC? Or do you think Tirico was just kissing ass?
• I know I’m a bit of a dick, and am openly rooting for Atlanta to break New Orleans’ collective heart. But Joe Horn just got a standing O after going up high over the middle to make a catch and getting drilled. I hate to say it, but it was a genuinely cool moment.
• Tirico: “DeLoach just picked up a silly flag.” I wish they actually had a “silly flag” for stupid penalties, one with polka dots and streamers and shit. That would be fun.
• U2 & Green Day: Nothing says “New Orleans” like a self-righteous rock group from Ireland and a played-out punk band from Orange County.
• Kornheiser, following the Saints blocking a field goal: “How good do you feel if you’re a member of the Saints or a fan of the Saints?” implying that they’re feeling good because a hurricane destroyed their city and this is offering an escape. News flash, Tony. If the Browns had just had a half like the Saints did, I and every other person in Northeast Ohio would be pretty goddamn happy, just as I’m sure actual members of the Browns would be. And with that, I fear that the Saints are going to roll to victory. If this game has proven anything, it’s that when the Falcons are in a close game and can just pound the ball, they’re pretty damn good, but when a team opens up a lead on them and forces Vick to pass, they’re extremely beatable. We’ll see how it plays out.

And some non-MNF notes…
• First Shaun Alexander goes down, and now Kurt Warner just got benched. It’s looking pretty bleak for the Battered Roast Beef 2006 Fantasy Football Club.
• The Indians just crushed the White Sox, 14-1, highlighted by Casey Blake hitting the team’s 14th grand slam of the season. I guarantee that the Indians will score one or less runs the next game. It’s just been that kind of season.
• For those that care, you can see the entire Matt Hughes fight from Saturday here.

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