Friday, October 02, 2009

College Football Picks 10/1/2009: MattyWill Edition

#3 Alabama (-17) at Kentucky
MattyWill: 'Bama (-17)  This spread should be way higher. Does Vegas really think Kentucky will slow down this offense? LOCK.
My Pick: Alabama

#4 LSU (+3) at #18 Georgia
MattyWill: LSU (+3) I have no clue on this game; I am taking the points.
My Pick: LSU

#6 Virginia Tech (-16.5) at Duke
MattyWill: VaTech (-16.5) Thaddieus Lewis is my Heisman candidate but I look for V-Tech to keep it rolling in Durham!
My Pick: Virginia Tech

#7 USC (-4.5) at #24 California
MattyWill: CAL (+4.5) I thought Cal would be the team to beat USC in the PAC 10 but with that showing last week I'm not so confident but will stick by my pick!
My Pick: USC

#8 Oklahoma (-7) at #17 Miami
MattyWill: Oklahoma (-7) What a whooping Vatech put on Miami; they are still feeling it.
My Pick: Oklahoma

#9 Ohio State (-16.5) at Indiana
MattyWill: Ohio State (-16.5)  Indiana played Michigan tough but I don't see this game being close.  Ohio State's defense is tearing it up.  Hopefully T. Pryor uses his legs!
My Pick: Ohio State

#10 Cincinnati (-28) at Miami (OH)
MattyWill: Cincinnati (-28) A lot of points but I see a whoopin' here! LOCK.
My Pick: Cincinnati

SMU (+27.5) at #11 TCU
MattyWill: TCU (-27.5) I see a 4td or more win!
My Pick: SMU

#12 Houston (-16.5) at UTEP
MattyWill: Houston (-16.5)  I am on the wagon and I like this spread. 17pts wins it!
My Pick: Houston

Arkansas State (+20.5) at #13 Iowa
MattyWill: Iowa (-20.5) Iowa should be amped up coming back home after a victory at Happy Valley. Their defense is all over the field; hopefully they can score 3tds. 21-0 final?
My Pick: Iowa

#15 Penn State (-6.5) at Illinois
MattyWill: Penn State (-6.5) Has Penn State given up this year? Have they covered a game this year? I look for Penn State to show up and beat Juice by more than a TD.
My Pick: Penn State

Washington State (+32) at #16 Oregon
MattyWill: Oregon (-32) I don't like USC's offense.  It isn't the offense of past years. Oregon rolled last week and I look for them to do it again this week!
My Pick: Washington State

Utah State (+24.5) at #20 BYU
MattyWill: Utah State (+24.5) Maybe, just maybe!
My Pick: BYU

#21 Ole Miss (-9.5) at Vanderbilt
MattyWill: Vandy (+9.5)  Thought Ole miss was the real deal until they went to SC.  I'm taking the points!
My Pick: Vanderbilt

#22 Michigan (pick) at Michigan State
MattyWill: Michigan (pick) Michigan finds a way!
My Pick: Michigan

#25 Georgia Tech (-4.5) at Mississippi State
MattyWill: G Tech (-4.5)  They finally showed up to play last week! Maybe they will stay in the rankings this week!
My Pick: Georgia Tech

Matty Will: 16-24-2
Me: 19-21-2

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