Wednesday, October 07, 2009

College Football Picks 10/7/2009

It's official: I'm a coin flip.  If you want to read picks by a guy who spends way (waaaaaayyyyy) more time on this than I do, go here.  I know he knows his shit, because he called me stupid for guessing that Penn State would be favored by 18.5 over Illinois this past weekend (the actual line was 6.5, but did anybody else notice the actual margin of victory?).  The killers this week were Oklahoma, Houston, and BYU (Utah State scored with 3 seconds left to beat the spread), while Cincinnati continued the lock of the week curse.

Record: 8-8
Lock of the Week (Cincinnati): 0-1

Record: 43-43-2
Locks of the Week (Cincinnati, Nebraska, Toledo, USC, Penn St.): 1-4

As always, I only pick games involving the AP Top 25 that have a line (so no Penn State-E. Illinois--although I'd set the line at 18.5--or Miami-Florida A&M), the home team is in CAPS, the lines are Danny Sheridan's, and the picks are 100% correct.  (Also, since time is tight and I'm hard at work on a big project for the blog, I'm just going to list my picks and predicted lines this week without any useless comments following them.  If one of my picks is really bothering you, let me know in the comments section, and I'll do my best to explain myself.)

# 4 LSU (+8.5) over #1 Florida
Predicted line: Florida by 6.5

Colorado (+32) over #2 TEXAS
Predicted line: Texas by 19.5

#3 Alabama (-6.5) over #20 OLE MISS
Predicted line: Alabama by 8

Boston College (+13.5) over #5 VIRGINIA TECH
Predicted line: Virginia Tech by 4.5

Wisconsin (+14) over #9 OHIO STATE
Predicted line: Ohio State by 6

#10 TCU (-10) over AIR FORCE
Predicted line: TCU by 11

Michigan (+8) over #12 IOWA
Predicted line: Iowa by 3

#13 Oregon (-6) over UCLA
Predicted line: Oregon by 12

#15 Oklahoma State (no line) over TEXAS A&M
Predicted line: Oklahoma State by 9
I don't really know why there isn't a line for this game.  I'll try to update this pick once there is one, though.

#16 KANSAS (-20) over Iowa State
Predicted line: Kansas by 16.5

#17 Auburn (-3) over ARKANSAS (Lock of the week)

Predicted line: Auburn by 2

#18 BRIGHAM YOUNG (-16) over UNLV
Predicted line: BYU by 23

#19 OKLAHOMA (-25) over Baylor
Predicted line: Oklahoma by 14

#21 Nebraska (-3) over #24 MISSOURI
Predicted line: Nebraska by 4 (I forgot to predict this line in my college recap, but I swear I picked this line before I looked at the real line.)

#22 Georgia Tech (+2.5) over FLORIDA STATE
Predicted line: Georgia Tech by 6.5

#25 SOUTH CAROLINA (-11) over Kentucky
Predicted line: South Carolina by 8.5

Conference Champions and BCS Bowl Predictions (changes in italics)

ACC: Virginia Tech
Big 12: Texas
Big East: Cincinnati
Big Ten: Ohio State
Conference USA: Southern Miss
MAC: Central Michigan
Mountain West: BYU
SEC: Florida
Sun Belt: Troy
WAC: Boise State

Fiesta Bowl: Boise State vs. TCU
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Virginia Tech
Orange Bowl: Miami vs. Cincinnati
Rose Bowl: USC vs. Ohio State
National Championship Game: Florida vs. Texas
National Champions: Florida Gators


  1. I like the picks, except you think Chokelahoma can cash that ticket at -25? And how sick would it be to see Ohio State get blown out by USC in an even BIGGER game? Keep up the good work, man.

  2. My dream scenario for Ohio State is actually for them to play Cincinnati in a bowl game. Supposedly, Ohio State paid UC off two years ago to get them off their schedule. A bowl game would be a little sweet revenge. Thanks for the words of encouragement, and congratulations on getting onto the Learning Curve.