Thursday, October 08, 2009

NFL Picks: Week 5 (On My Way To The Big Apple Edition)

I'm literally on my way out the door to NYC for a wedding, so these picks are going to have to be quick. (Maybe I'll do better just winging it.)

Record: 5-9
I forgot to pick a lock of the week, but it probably would have been a loss.

Record: 31-31
Locks of the Week (New England, Jacksonville, Baltimore): 1-2

Minnesota (-10) over ST. LOUIS
KANSAS CITY (+8) over Dallas
Washington (+4) over CAROLINA
PHILADELPHIA (-15) over Tampa Bay
NY GIANTS (-15.5) over Oakland (Lock of the Week)
Cleveland (+6) over BUFFALO
Cincinnati (+8.5) over BALTIMORE
Pittsburgh (-10.5) over DETROIT
SAN FRANCISCO (-2.5) over Atlanta
DENVER (+3.5) over New England
Houston (+5.5) over ARIZONA
Jacksonville (no line) over SEATTLE
Indianapolis (-3.5) over TENNESSEE
MIAMI (+1.5) over NY Jets

MattyWill might be putting his college picks up this weekend; it's really up to him.  I'll be gone all weekend, so enjoy your football, suckaducks.

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